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Specialty Vape Shop Status

The process of applying for registration as a specialty vape shop may seem complex, however it needn’t be as complicated as you might think. 

An Overview Of The Smoke Free Ontario Act 2017

Under the terms of the SFOA (Smoke Free Ontario Act) the use of e-cigs in any enclosed public places or workplaces is prohibited. Not only that but the act also places restrictions on the promotion and display of vaping products. This could have been problematic for vaping stores, since this would make it impossible for customers to sample and test vaping products in the store before buying. For this reason, the SFOA has exemptions to allow certain retail establishments to display and promote as well as offer sampling and testing of vaping products. However, to be covered under this exemption, the establishment must have a valid registration with the local board of health as a specialty vape store.

Rules That Need To Be Followed

There are some simple rules which must be adhered to:

  • People aged under 19 cannot enter the store
  • ID must be shown by anyone appearing to be under 24 to prove they are 19 or over
  • The store must be located in a building or be a building in its own right
  • The store mustn’t be able to be entered through another store
  • The store can’t be a thoroughfare
  • Vaping products can only be promoted and displayed inside the store and nowhere outside it
  • E-cigarettes can be tested instore to show how they are activated as long as no vapor is exhaled or inhaled
  • E-cigarettes can be used (inhaling & exhaling vapor) only for sampling vaping products and only by a maximum of two people at one time
  • Sampling must be via a single-use disposable mouthpiece unless the vaping device belongs to the customer sampling the product
  • No tobacco, cannabis or controlled substances can be in the e-cigarette during sampling
  • No Vaping and No Smoking signs must be clearly displayed at every exit, entrance and washroom and in other appropriate locations
  • Vaping product age restriction and product identification signs must be clearly displayed on the premises

The Process Of Application

There are two forms which must be completed to register for specialty vape store status. These are:

  • The application form for registration as a specialty vape store
  • A statement of professional accountant

Both these forms must be completed accurately and in full in order for the request to be processed. A licensed accountant needs to complete the Statement of Professional Accountant.

When the forms are complete, they need to be sent to the local board of health for the public health unit where the vaping store will be located. The application can then be processed and the registration request can be approved.

Once you receive approval for your registration, your vape store can then legally permit customers to test out and sample vaping products on the premises. It may be an extra hoop to jump through, but it’s an essential one to achieve compliance with current regulations. 

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