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Great flavour

Tastes great good way to test flavours

Small store, good prices.

It has some good sales, but has a small inventory of Vaporizers. Also the staff doesnt seem very knowledgeble. I couldnt return an item I had bought because it was on sale. Even though I never opened the package I couldnt bring it back and that was a little silly. The other Item was worth more and was what I originally wanted but the staff member assured me that the one he was giving to me for a deal 12 dollars instead of 20 had a digital screen. When he said that I thought he meant a screen as in tempurature control. Anyways They have alot of Flavours and Esalts too choose from. Other than a couple of mix ups, the staff is very friendly but I was tought working Flextek Design that the consumer and costomers are always right. Even if you know their wrong you work with them.