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CLARITY is a pure unadulterated vaping experience. It's a perfect blend of nicotine PG & VG with no flavoring. Consider it the water of vape e liquid, completely flavorless no sugars, sweeteners, or artificial flavoring. Northern Nectar Clarity is the next best vape other than fresh air.

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good taste

unique flavour

I loved it

I have tried this exact item before @6mg strength and am a returning customer for it. Unfortunately the store was out of stock at pickup time and I think this item will be dropped due to lack of sales. We do need a flavorless, sugarless replacement for this sku. I enjoy the yummy flavored eliquids all too much but they definitely contribute to my overusage of eliquids. Chain vaping as I call it. So I guess I am partly responsible for this clear liquid being dropped since I mostly selected those nice "ice" flavors for their cooling exhale properties.
I know about, and signed, the petition ecloudz was circulating against government forcing a ban all flavored eliquids. I am always in favor of us humans having the right to choose our 'poison'! In fact I would still be smoking those real cigarette murder sticks if it weren't for discoving flavored vaping to curb withdrawal. I am emphysema free. But I still think these plain liquids have a place in the market and must be one of the choices I have. Sorry guys@eclodz. I let you and myself down by not purchase participating enough to keep this on the shelves.
Please bring it or something similar back. I will commit to a regular buy order if necessary. Having this product is good Karma too.

Doug in Lively.