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     The past three months have been a roller coaster ride for vape Industry in North America. Sudden illnesses and deaths arising south of the boarder have been ringing the alarm for media outlets, health officials and politicians in the United States & Canada. There is definitively good cause with the death toll rising to 39  as of November 5 2019 and the EVALI (E cigarette, Vaping associated lung injury) at 2,051 according to CDC ( Centre for Disease, Control and Prevention) website. It's absolutely terrifying to think that a product I'm consuming to better my health may cause permanent injury, hospitalization or even death. These types of propaganda scare tactics have led to successful ex smokers to return to traditional smoking methods, raising doubt and undermining the vape industry as a whole.

Finally we are getting answers from the CDC as laboratory testing of BAL (Bronchoalveolar Lavage) fluid sample samples in 29 patients have all tested positive for Vitamin E Acetate in 10 states across the U.S. This is a huge breakthrough for the legal vape industry, as these recent results absolutely link the outbreak to THC Vaping and illegal distribution.  The problem is for the legal Vape Industry is Vaping whether it be nicotine e liquid, thc liquid or CBD e liquid the CDC, Governments, Health officials & the media all role vaping into one category. Let it be Know that "Vitamin E Acetate is Not used in Nicotine e liquids and is a Banned Additive for e liquid laboratories in Canada."

Upon the the first onset of the illnesses, I believe the health organizations and government viewed this opportunity as a open window to try to curb the upswing on youth vaping, nicotine replacement Vaping and slow down revenue for the United States newly minted billionaire's of JUUL Labs. It's worked out perfectly!I mean besides the youth uptake, JUUL Labs which was at it's peak was valued at 38 billion, now under major regulation and scrutiny it's valuation sits at a much lower 24 million according to business insider. Ex Smokers have switched back to cigarette's keeping health care & pharmaceutical giants booming. In my opinion, it had absolutely no effect on youth uptake, youth don't read the news,  nor do they worry about what they are putting into there body's at their age. The general population was hurt the most, ban's caused shops to close or reduce staff, otherwise healthy vaper's switched back to cigarette's. The ripple affect is felt across all of North America affecting hundreds of thousands tax paying, law abiding citizens. 

    Even in the recently released media revealing the CDC's findings, article's published still refer to the term "e cigarettes" as a culprit or player in the investigation. The word "e Cigarette" in my eye's and I believe a large portion of population would agree. That the term e cigarette's references to nicotine replacement vaping or nicotine based e liquid. I think descriptive words like THC VAPE PENS, THC VAPE CARTRIDGES, THC THICKENER, THC VAPE PODS would have protected to general population to a greater extent. Confusing terms of Vaping and it's products, we've seen can have major consequences on society. 

     During CDC's investigation on October 15, 2019 they published statistics stating only 11% of reported cases had used exclusively nicotine containing vape products a number very little published by the media. The problem even with this statistic is only 11 states out 50 in the U.S allow the purchase of cannabis products recreationally and the buy age set at 21. With deaths in 24 states and an age range of 17 - 75, that leaves a lot of uncontrolled variables that scramble that statistic. What about the underage THC vapers that lied to the hospitals due to it was illegal in their state? Or what if they feared repercussion form their parents for vaping illegal THC ?. Could that make up the 11% or reported users, well it sure is a possibility.

      Have the Media, politicians, and health organizations forgotten that tobacco related illness kills 710,000 people in North America each year? Or that it costs our health care systems 316 billion a year throughout North America. Do they not recognize that there are an estimated 45 + Million Vapers Globally and over the past 10 years there hasn't been 1 death reported due to nicotine e liquid?? The long term effects of vaping haven't yet been researched in North America and I suspect that lack of funding will suppress any positive efforts to reveal the truth about vaping. Across the pond there have been many great vaping studies. One that sticks out the most was done by an Italian Dr Riccardo Polosa of the University of Catania is a Professor of Internal Medicine &  Specialist of Respiratory Diseases and Clinical Immunology to list a few. He followed a group of nicotine e liquid vapers for 3.5 years with no negative findings, its a great read just search this guy up! Amazing. Hospitals in the U.K now have Vape Shops, trying to safe the smoking population. My wish is that in the future these studies take place and eliminate any stereo type associated with vaping. As a vaper nothing is worst that a coughing, nic stained finger smoker telling you "didn't you know those things kill ya". It's extremely demoralizing and to think now this smoker has no chance at using one the best tools in nicotine replacement history period.

By Adam Lamirande