The vape industry is evolving at an infinite rate, it's wide spread benefits and global presence have expanding it's popularity worldwide. With smoking rates at all time low, people eating healthier, using more natural options and the newly introduced cannabis market. I forecast the outlook on big tobacco and big pharma's future in the next 10 years to be bleak to say the least. It's sad to say but they want you to smoke, get sick and live your last 10 years alive downing handfuls of pharmaceuticals in and out of hospitals. Vaping works better as a nicotine replacement alternative based on my own experience and many other's I've spoken with. The fact is vaping saves lives and has been for years, now you see big tobacco has also shifted course loosing billions of dollars playing catch up entering New markets in hopes of gaining traction. Mix that with an open window on vaping related illnesses and deaths you have the VAPE NEWS today. A slue of propaganda, powered by no science aimed towards cooling down a consequential industry in "their" eyes. It's hard to decipher the truth with vaping related article's hitting the headlines of every news and t.v outlet across North America and beyond at an alarming rate. Over history it's all been seen before with all so popular "reefer madness" propaganda. Hidden agenda's riddle the public with mass appeal trying to persuade governments and laws makers to further restrict, regulate and ban an industry all together.  Are exclusive vape news will keep you in the loop on all the latest vape FACTS only. No bullshit VAPE NEWS sudbury, CANADA

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