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eCloudz - QUIT SMOKING Sudbury / Vaping Nicotine replacement therapy

            Many of us this time of year will be making New Year’s Resolutions in Sudbury, whether it be eating healthier, traveling more, or working out, smoking always ends up being number one. It seems to be the resolution that comes back year after year to haunt you. It’s ironic how something so unhealthy for you could have such a death grip on your soul. With so many nicotine alternatives available on the market now, it becomes a difficult choice on which replacement therapy to use. We often find ourselves jumping from one product to the next trying them out for weeks or maybe months only to end up back smoking cigarettes just like that. Till I had tried vaping, I’d already used Champix, the nicotine Patch, and chewed nicotine Gum with the outcome every time being returning to smoking. It wasn’t until 2017 that I really started researching into the proposition of trying an electronic cigarette as my next option. First I looked into popcorn lung associated with vaping which after hours of research concluded that there was no direct linkage between the two that a chemical diacetyl found in certain flavors possess a risk but on the other hand cigarette smoke contains 100% more of it than any vaper. Secondly, I researched if vaping causes excess water in the lungs, only to find out that we get more water in our lungs while showering. Now with my mind easing up, science claims that vapes are 95% safer than cigarettes I finally made the decision to take the trip to my local vape shop to try this new alternative. The fact is I loved to smoke whether it be driving, working, or with my morning coffee, it was how I started and ended my day. Smoking a pack a day for over 20 years, I even had one on the way to the vape shop. I arrived, walked in and felt immediately overwhelmed by all the choices in flavors and different starter set ups. Thankfully, this  Vape shop had knowledgeable staff on hand, ready to assist me through my decision. He set me up with a 220w Smok Alien starter kit, then next was the e-liquid selection. Find a flavor that you absolutely love because this will definitely help during the first few months of quitting. Today’s e-liquid market is full of just about every flavor imaginable from fruit mixes to coffee’s, tobacco’s and desserts offering a wide variety of choices to suit anybody’s palate. I ended up choosing a grape flavored e-liquid. The employee then set up my unit for me, wicked my coils and even filled my tank up for me. I left there feeling empowered. I knew at that moment in time I had a good chance of success. Having tried and failed so many times, this product now gave me the ability to still feel as though I was smoking, but with only 5% of the toxins. I started with 6 mg of nicotine which was probably too low considering the amount I used to smoke and I found myself going through roughly 60ml’s a week or so. I no longer stink like an ashtray and in the months after quitting smoking my energy level has increased, my smell and taste have now become more in tune not to mention I feel great. My consumption of e-liquid steadily decreased from a 60ml, 6mg weekly, to bi-weekly than eventually monthly. As I was consuming less I also lowered my nicotine level from 6mg to 3mg. It was working and I managed to quit my bad lifestyle choice that plagued me over the years. Though not in the clear yet with temptation triggers all around throughout my everyday activities, and now I had a tool that was working and could curb that temptation as fast as it had come in the first place.  I still remember my ride home after leaving to vape shop in Sudbury determined to quit, vowing to end my reliance on cigarettes for good while taking a big lung of grape vapor. I found the mod I got set up with originally was huge and awkward to carry around and work with, and I couldn’t let it dangle off my lip in case my hands were preoccupied, but I adapted as we all do to change. But hey “You have to give a little to get back” right? I now own bigger and smaller mods and all those similarities I wanted more of, slowly faded away. I have not cheated and I have been smoke free since that drive home, it’s not been easy, but a constant inner battle with yourself.  Our resolutions are mainly based off of our lifestyle choices that we make on a daily basis which is why they are always hardest to overcome. Every year we challenge ourselves to grow healthier, stronger and better than the year before. It is a list we’ve probably all made at one point or another during our lives that positively remind ourselves to self-reflex on the lifestyle choices we make. As adults, a resolution list rarely gets printed on paper but often we mentally compose a list and try to obey it. This year write 5 things down and try to stick to them, so when your writing that resolution list and that number one resolution comes up know there are options, YOU CAN DO IT, many already have, because quitting is no longer my #1 Resolution!

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