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IQ 3sec, Sudbury -

IQ 3sec Review | eCloudz - Vape Sudbury Ontario

There’s a new pod player in town, and looks like their staying for the long haul.


The e-cigarette industry is expanding at a blistering pace, resulting in a rush to keep up with the latest trends. The current market trend is that of pod devices that utilize high nicotine content such as those in salt nic e-juices. With many different pod system devices on the market now, there are more choices than ever for the consumers to choose from. So when I got my hands on the latest pod system from Hangsen, the iQ 3sec vape pod system. I was pretty interested in what I would take from this device, and what this new product can offer to the consumers. Provided by eCloudz - Vape Shop, Sudbury.


At first glance of the iQ3sec, I quickly noticed the similar look it shares with a popular phone companies products. It is very thin, and has a sleek and classy look and feel to it. The iQ3secs is the 3rd generation of Hangsen products, and their pod system. When I picked up I was hoping it would be different from the current, and traditional pod systems on the market. I was surprised, once I got it out of the packaging and started to play around with it. I knew right away that this was going to be something different.

The iQ3sec comes packaged grey box, in a well marked and hand sized package. On the back of the box, it shows the specs, along with an list of packaged contents, and the slogan “vape smart”. The device “Gold and Black coloured” as tested. An empty 2.0ml refillable pod, Micro usb Magnetic cable, a 5.0ml needle tipped refill bottle, and a small but informative user guide. All nicely packaged together in there own little compartment. There isn’t anything over the top with the packaging, but clearly shows the device, and the proper consumer information. When powered on with the installation of the pod, the interactive screen at the bottom of the device displays both battery life percentage, and puff animation. As tested with the pod installed, it is very light and compact. The gold band that wraps around the edges look very nice, and the black gloss finish really brings it together. At the bottom of the device, you have your micro usb charging slot and 6 vent holes. On the rear of the device there is a small juice window to tell your level in the pod. When unpackaged, the device was charged at 90%. Full charge from 0% - 100% will take 30min from the 400mAh battery, and that’s fast.


This device boasts and an ease of use and simple process to get it up and running. There are two parts to the setup of this system. The first and most interesting part is the clear black refillable 2.0ml pod system, that really brings this device together. There is a .15ohm coil deep inside the pod, and a nicely shaped mouth piece on top. With 2.0ml liquid capacity inside the pod, it’s one of the larger pods available on the market. When sliding the pod into the top of the device, it than activates and turns it on. The iQ 3sec offers draw activated firing, so no pushing or squeezing required to use the device.With the draw I receive off this, I am able to enjoy a mtl “ mouth to lung”, or even a restricted lung hit, with great vapor and flavour production




 My overall experience with the iQ 3sec was pretty good, and there are a few tings I really enjoy about it. Firstly the size of the device is perfect, and it fits very well in the hand and the pocket. No auto firing due to the draw activation firing, so that’s perfect for on the go. The 2.0ml refillable pod system is great, and its super easy to fill. For what it is, it’s an amazing product and should be on your watch list.


There are a few things I did find to be a bit of an issue with the iQ 3sec, and not every product is perfect.

 The little juice widow at the back of the device doesn’t really clearly show the level, as the pods black and has little to no transparency when in the device. Its easier to just pull the pod out and check the liquid level. The pod that originally came with the kit fits very snug, but the replacement pods sold separately doesn’t fit as tight as the factory one. They don’t fall out, but they are slightly a looser fit into the device. When filling the pod, you going to want to let the liquid soak in for at least 15min. Due to the size of the coil, it takes time for the coil to soak up the liquid. I tested the Black and gold version, and it’s a finger print magnet for sure. If purchased I would go with the White and Stainless steel, for a cleaner look. Besides the few little negatives about the iQ3sec, this is a great salt nicotine device, and I would purchase this unit for that exact reason. Overall I’m impressed by how far the industry has come, and this device shows it.



-Great battery life and fast charging speed

-Battery percentage displayed

-2.0ml pod

-Look, Feel, and Size

- Auto Draw Firing



-Coil needs about 15min to soak in

-Useless back liquid level window

-5.0ml refill bottle can be softer


 How does it vape:

 Used 25mg salt nic 50-50 ratio, very smooth, the coil gives off great flavour.

Would I recommend this device:

Absoulty, It is very easy to operate, and maintain. 

Would I purchase it:

For only the use with salt nic


Colour choices

Overall Rating:

4 out of 5



- Size: 10.4x36x109mm

- Weight: 143g

- Resistance: 1.5ohm

- Voltage: 3.7v

- Max output: 7v

- Battery Capacity: 400mAh

- Cartridge Capacity: 2.0ml

- Colours: Black, White, Black and Gold



- Plug and Play micro usb charging 30min charge time

- Draw activated firing / anti-dry burn

- Interactive UI design displaying battery life and puff animation

- Smooth edge finish

- Open pod system


Reviewed and written by Matt Mesluk


 Product supplied by 

eCloudz - Vape Shop

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