Vape Battery Safety 18650 | eCloudz Sudbury Vape Shops , ON

Vape Battery Safety 18650 | eCloudz Sudbury Vape Shops , ON

Unwrapping the 18650


  These day’s batteries are an essential component hidden within almost everything around us. From our vehicles, robotics, laptops, medical devices, ready to be recharged and brought back to life for further use. Energy storage in batteries has been revolutionized by lithium-ion chemistry leading the way fueling all the latest technology. Let’s face it batteries are the fuel of the 3rd Millennium and leading the way is the 18650. Widely produced powering cutting edge electronics we use daily and just so happens to be the popular choice for e-cigarettes. The 18650 gets its name its dimensions which are always calculated by diameter followed by height meaning they have a 18mm diameter and a 65.0 height. They could be either used alone or in groups creating power banks and battery packs.  Furthermore, as we dive deeper into the world off the 18650, we look at the different variables to consider when choosing the proper battery for your particular use, in this case being the e-cigarette or Vape Mod. When it comes to making that decision we have to keep in mind that there are preferred types of 18650 batteries for Mechanical mods as compared the Regulated mods. Though they all poise the name 18650, there internal properties vary and are described by the nomenclature written across the wrapping describing the different size, chemistry and terminal arrangement associated with each battery. Every manufacturers electrical characteristics vary from one to the next meaning an 18650 lg will not be the same as a Samsung for example. It's always recommended to buy your batteries from a reputable vape shop. Now we’ll go through all the factors to consider there’s capacity, max continuous discharge, current and voltage. The capacity is always used to describe the total amount of energy it is able to store. This number is always measured in milli Ampere hour (mAh) and usually in the 2000 mAh to 5000 mAh range on a 18650. The Chemistry compositions that make up each cell plays a big part on safety and longevity of the battery. Described through cryptic acronyms IMR, ICR, INR, NMC referring to the different combinations of metals behind the science of each cell. IMR stands for LITHIUM MANGANESE ROUND cell, discharging at high currents while remaining stable and cool. They boost features of high heat tolerance, ability to vent rather than explode if failure occurs. Although they boast high amp capabilities they usually lack on the mAh (storage) side. Next, INC stands for LITHIUM COBALT ROUND cell, these cells almost always come circuit protected due to cobalt’s volatile chemistry, they offer the largest mAh ratings with the lowest amp values. There volatility makes them more prone to venting or exploding often bypassing failed internal circuit protection. ICR stands for LITHIUM NICKEL ROUND cell, a hybrid of the IMR offering the power of nickel with the stability of manganese providing higher Amp ratings, higher mah rating with lower internal resistance. They however are less stable than their counter parts the ICR and still with lower mah values than the ICR. Now the NMC this stands for NICKEL MANGANESE COBALT again a super hybrid collaborating all compounds into one. It utilizes the Nickel for power the MANGANESE for stability and the Cobalt for longevity. The popular choice for e-bikes and electric cars with the lowest self-heat rate. The e-cigarette battery best to use is the IMR for safety and performance, though each vapers preference varies from one user to the next the key objective would be to find a battery with a high mAh rating, a high Current ( Amperage ) Rating followed by low heat discharge. The current rating is defined in Amps, a battery boasting a 5A means it can continuously discharge 5A for 1hr, 2.5 for 2hrs and so on. The higher the current the higher the wattage but finding an 18650 that offers both high wattage and mAh values is still in the near future so in today’s market we have to sacrifice one for the other. It’s all about trying to find the balance that works for your vape needs. Mechanical mods vapers seek higher Amp ratings to deliver more wattage, supporting low resistance coils and producing more flavor, bigger clouds, and harder hits safely. On the other hand, most high Amp batteries offer low mAh qualities meaning charging often and having multiple batteries charged and available throughout the day. These types of batteries can still be used in regulated mods as well allowing the battery to draw less current at higher voltages, though a higher mAh ratting for regulated mods is usually the path chosen. A simple mathematical formula can be used to figure out your safety zone and is as follows watts /volts = Amps. Meaning vaping 60w divided by a fresh battery at 4.2volts means your drawing 14.2 Amps. Determining the proper battery for your different applications can be rewarding in many ways and will allow the user to optimize their experience as well as operating their devices safety.  Battery safety should always be a top priority, making note that user error accounts for lots of bad media in our industry and can easily be avoided following some basic rules of thumb. For start, never use a damaged, unwrapped, cracked or dented battery. If your wrapping is torn or starting to tear it can be replaced with new wrapping and reused, if no other damage exists. It’s also recommended that you don’t carry around your batteries loose in your pocket, especially with loose change and or metal conducting objects. Silicone and hard case are available to transport your batteries safety even going a step further in preventing future damage extending their use. When charging your batteries buy a proper charger don’t rely of your device pass through, preferably with an integrated intelligent auto-matic power off terminating current when charge is complete. When your batteries all finished charging smart charger or not always remove them and store in cases. Do not overcharge, leave in extreme heat or cold. It’s always recommended that you buy authentic name brand batteries, don’t cheap out, your putting these devices to your face. The same big electronic manufactures who make all our electronics rank the top choices. A little further investment on proper and reputable batteries, storage, transportation and charging will limit your risk of malfunction over time. 18650 batteries are some of the safest battery’s made safe enough to operate medical devices, although they are usually in tamper proof settings, avoiding human error. It’s also just as important to shut off your device if putting in pocket, cup holder etc.  a depressed switch for a prolonged period will cause battery failure in any case. Since most vape devices do not come with batteries and require you to purchase them separately, obtaining the proper knowledge will be key. The reference to colour should now be a thing of the past, get me a pair of greens or browns or purples for example.  Although this is general information, it should be used as a base to further grow your battery expertise. After all it is up to you the consumer to make informative decisions for your own safety. Now that, Christmas has passed and you’ve unwrapped that new mod that you’ve been wanting for so long, with coils mounted, cotton wicked, and proper batteries now installed you’re ready to fire!

by: Adam Lamirande

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